Why Jesus? Bible Talk Series

Two thousand years after Jesus was crucified, millions of people all over the world still choose to follow him. Why do people still find Jesus compelling in our secular age? Why Jesus? is a five week series that seeks to answer that question. The topics covered are:

  • Why Jesus, if life is fun without him?
  • Can I really trust the Bible?
  • I just want to be myself; where does Jesus fit in?
  • Can’t I be “good without God”? Why do I need Jesus?
  • What would it look like to follow Jesus today?

Why Jesus? will run Week 3 to Week 8 Semester 2, 2023. If you’d be curious in finding out more before then, please contact us via out email info@newcastlechristianstudents.org

Join Us For A FREE Meal
Monday Bible Talk – At Islington Baptist we will be serving FREE dinner from 6pm during our Why Jesus? Bible talks from Week 4-8.

Wednesday Bible Talk – At SR-G07 (Social Work Study Space) we will be serving FREE lunch from 1pm in Week 3-7.

Don’t Want to Miss Out?
If you can’t make it you could check out some livestreams from the last series.