Bible Talks

Each week we explore a passage from the Bible to hear what it means for us and our lives and engage in some brief discussion about the passage in small groups. There will be a Bible reading, a 20-minute interactive Bible talk, and an interview, personal story or NCS news.

We run two Bible Talks each week:

Monday from 6pm @ Islington Baptist Church which will include dinner for $5

Wednesdays 12pm–1pm @ SRG02 Callaghan

All welcome!

Small Groups

Each semester, NCS runs Bible-based and practical training courses to equip you in your Christian life on campus and beyond it.  

Topics, times and locations are yet to be determined for semester 1, 2023.

NCS Coast*

NCS Coast is for students on any of the Central Coast campuses.

We run Bible studies at both Ourimbah and Gosford, and have Coast specific social events.

Coasties also join with their Newcastle brothers and sisters for big NCS events i.e. Getaway Camp and WinterCon.

* formerly known as OCS

FOCUS — International Students

FOCUS is a group for international university students. We now all meet on Fridays from 6:30pm. Come and join our FOCUS family! At our gathering we socialise, play games, read the Bible and pray together!

Hangouts with NCS Facebook Page

Life is sometimes a bit drab and lonely, so NCS has a Facebook social bulletin page where you can invite others to go and hang out and socialise.

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