Welcome! We’re glad you’re here checking out how you might join us at NCS. We’re a group of students who love hanging out together and learning more about Jesus. Anyone is welcome to join us — you don’t have to follow Jesus or go to church to come along.

But who are we? Glad you asked. We go by a lot of names. If you’re in Newcastle, we’re NCS: Newy. If you’re on the Coast, we’re NCS: Coast. If you’re an international student, we’re FOCUS. So wherever you’re from, we’d love it if you joined us. Here are 4 things you could do to join us at NCS:


Sign up HERE. This will let us know you’re keen and will allow our trusted leaders to contact you and provide details on our events & camps.
Also follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

Curious About Christianity?

We value the time we get to spend digging into the word and discussing it. Our Bible talks are the perfect place to learn what the Bible says and ask questions about what it means.

Find out more info HERE!


Camps are a great opportunity to deepen friendships and tackle bigger topics in the Bible together. Whether you’re new or have been around for a while, we’d love you to join us next time we go away together.

March 15–17 — Getaway
July 8–12 — Wintercon
December 2–6 — NTE

Find out more about our camps HERE!

Hanging Out

Life is sometimes a bit drab and lonely, so NCS has a Facebook social bulletin page where you can invite others to hang out and socialise, or join others who already have plans.

Find our NCS Hangouts Facebook Group HERE!