Training Courses are a deep-dive into the Bible to explore a theme or to be trained in a particular area or skill. Most courses run for 4 or 5 weeks for 1hr each week. You’ll be able to sign up to training courses here throughout the year.

2022 Courses — Semester 1

Starting Week 8 (Wednesday) or Week 9 (Monday)
1. Two Ways to Live
Learn the basic Christian message in a memorable way that will be useful for you and to share with your friends who don’t know Jesus.
Led by Wayne & Tim, running Weeks 8–12/9–13

2. Core Truth #1
Dig into a doctrine that is foundational to our faith each week. We’ll look at topics like Creation, Sin/Fall, The Holy Spirit, Salvation & more.
Led by Rod, running Weeks 8–12/9–13

Continuing until Week 12 (Wednesday)

The Cross in Christianity
Why do Christians consider the death of one man the most significant moment in the history of the world? In this course we’ll dive deep into the events and significance of Jesus death and resurrection.
Led by Nick & Dave, running Weeks 4–12