6:30pm Monday nights in January @ Islington Baptist Church

Summer Hangs is, well, NCS hanging out over summer. I know. We’re super creative when it comes to names.

It’s for:

  • All NCS (including FOCUS, Coast and TAFE)
  • Complete uni/TAFE newbies (ie. starting in 2023)
  • Friends who don’t go to uni/TAFE but who think hanging out with NCS sounds amazingly awesome (hot tip: it is).

Summer Hangs is a great place to meet and hang out with friends who have a similar interest in Christianity and engage in stimulating discussion about the Bible.

Our meetings will include dinner, a short Bible talk/seminar, and discussion and other fun activities like board games.

As an added bonus, for our January series each night you turn up you’ll receive a FREE BOOK!

Dinner is $5 (free the first time you come)


9th Jan: The Cost of Compassion
16th Jan: The End of Thinking
23rd Jan: The Pleasures of Pessimism
30th Jan: Achievement Addiction

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