Callaghan Groups

Small groups at Callaghan are groups of 5-10 students meeting weekly on campus. A leader coordinates the Biblical, interactive and practical discussions and activities. In each group you’ll be thinking about Jesus, learning to serve, making new friends, and practicing new skills. We’ll spend lots of time reading and discussing the Bible as we study passages together.

Topics covered include leadership, evangelism, learning to serve, answering tough questions about Christianity, worldviews, Bible storytelling, writing and leading Bible studies, and more!

Beginning in week 2 of semester, groups run til the end of semester, for 50-55min each week. They are normally in the Brennan Room or The House on the Shortland side of uni.

Callaghan Groups: Summary

  • Talking about Jesus: why and how to share about Jesus at Uni and through all of life.
  • Jesus through the Bible: an overview of the big story.
  • Questions for Christianity: responding to tough questions.
  • Bible Stories and Your Story: Learning how to re-tell your story of faith, and various stories from the Bible.
  • Learning to Serve: Thinking about motivations for ministry and loads of practical opportunities.
  • Jesus in Mark’s Gospel: Uncovering who Jesus is, what he did, and why…
  • Learning to Lead: Leading yourself and others in life, groups and ministries.
  • Crossing Cultures: Exploring various worldviews and religions with a special focus on Islam.
  • Core Truths of Christianity: A systematic study of 10 central ideas in the Christian faith.

City Groups

If you’re studying at Newcastle City campus, we’d love for you to join in with a group of students to read the Bible together on campus in our Bible Triplets! It’s a great way to make friends and connect deeply with them as you learn about God and His Word together.

These groups usually consist of 3 people (no more than 5!) and are run at different times to match the availability of its members, so if you’d like to join, submit your interest by filling out the availability form below and we should be able to arrange a group time that suits you!