Engage Groups

Engage Groups are groups of 6-10 people who commit to meet weekly for an hour to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage & support one another through life on campus. Groups are formed around faculties and anyone is welcome to join if they are keen to learn more about Jesus!

Engage Groups are the engine room of NCS. The three key things we want to emphasise in our Engage Groups are Prayer, Growth & Reaching Out. Sign up using the form below today!

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Training Courses

Training Courses are a deep-dive into the Bible to explore a theme or to be trained in a particular area or skill. Courses run for 4 or 5 weeks for an hour each week.
Express your interest in joining a Training Course using the form below.

2020 Semester 1 Courses

Big decisions
What does God have to say about your time, church, money & friendships? (WEDNESDAY 4pm, Weeks 3-6)

Worldviews & faiths
Consider why different people think the way they think and how the cultural air we breathe impacts us as humans.  (WEDNESDAY 9am, Weeks 3-7)

Learn to express how God has shaped your life with this super practical training. (Weeks 8-11)

Core truth mini-series 1
Dig into some core doctrines of Christianity. The nature of God, how He speaks, the person of Jesus & the nature of humanity. (Weeks 8-12)

History & Heresy 1
Jump back in time to learn from founders, forebears, frauds and fellow workers in the faith.  (Weeks 8-12, 2hrs/wk)

Exact times & locations for each course are confirmed in week 2 and 7.