Engage Groups

Engage Groups are groups of 6-10 people who commit to meet weekly for an hour to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage & support one another through life on campus. Groups are usually formed around faculties and anyone is welcome to join if they are keen to learn more about Jesus!

Engage Groups are the engine room of NCS. The three key things we want to emphasise in our Engage Groups are Prayer, Growth & Reaching Out.

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Training Courses

Training Courses are a deep-dive into the Bible to explore a theme or to be trained in a particular area or skill. Courses run for 4 or 5 weeks for an hour each week.
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2020 Semester 2 Courses

Two ways to live
Learn and begin to share the key truths of the Christian message of salvation. (WEDNESDAYS 3-4pm in Weeks 3-7 or at CITY Campus – time TBC)

The Art of Conversations
Learn to listen well, ask great questions and share your life + faith as you converse with friends. (WEDNESDAYS 3:15-4pm, Weeks 3-7)

Our neighbours faith: Understanding Islam
Dig into the Quran and Hadiths as we learn about the life, revelations and teachings of Muhammad so we can engage in fruitful dialogue with friends who subscribe to the rapidly growing Islamic faith.
(WEDNESDAYS 3-4pm, Weeks 3-11)

Bible Storytelling
Get trained to share stories of Jesus’ life and other Biblical stories as we learn how to learn them and share them with one another and our friends.
(WEDNESDAYS 3-4pm, Weeks 9-12)

Me, Mission and Ministry
What should I do with my life? Have I been called? In this course you’ll be led to consider your place in God’s great mission and begin to weigh up the many options that lay before you in life post uni.
(WEDNESDAYS 3-4pm, Weeks 9-12)