Engage Groups

Engage Groups are groups of 6-10 people who commit to meet weekly for an hour to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage & support one another through life on campus. Groups are formed around similar degrees and anyone is welcome to join if they are keen to learn more about Jesus!

Engage Groups are the engine room of NCS. The three key things we want to emphasise in our Engage Groups are Prayer, Growth & Reaching Out.

Check out all the available times and sign up using the form below!

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Training Course - Big Decisions
Training Course - Tough Topics
Training Course - Questions for Christianity
Training Course - Gospel & Contextualisation
Training Course - Helping People Grow

Training Courses

Training Courses are a deep-dive into the Bible to explore a theme or to be trained in a particular area or skill. Most courses run for 4 or 5 weeks for 1hr each week. You’ll be able to sign up to training courses here throughout the year.

2021 Courses – Semester 1 on Tuesdays at 3pm at Callaghan with one course repeated Wednesday at 2pm.

  • Big Decisions – Guidance (Wks 4-7, TUE 3pm)
  • Tough Topics – Ethics (Wks 4-7, TUE 3pm or Wks 4,6-8 WED 2pm)
  • Questions for Christianity – Apologetics (Wks 4-11, TUE 3pm)
  • Gospel & Contextualisation (Wks 8-11, TUE 3pm)
  • Helping People Grow – 1:1 discipleship (Wks 8-11, TUE 3pm or Wks 9-12, WED 2pm)

If you’re keen but can’t do the time or you want a course to run in the city -> Sign-up to let us know!