Engage Groups

Engage Groups are usually groups of 6–10 people who commit to meet weekly for an hour to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage & support one another through life on campus. Groups are formed around similar degrees and anyone is welcome to join if they are keen to learn more about Jesus!

Engage Groups are the engine room of NCS. The three key things we want to emphasise in our Engage Groups are Prayer, Growth & Reaching Out.

Check out all the available times and sign up using the form below! You can join a group outside your college (faculty) if times don’t align for you.

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Training Courses

Training Courses are a deep-dive into the Bible to explore a theme or to be trained in a particular area or skill. Most courses run for 4 or 5 weeks for 1hr each week. You’ll be able to sign up to training courses here throughout the year.

2022 Courses — Semester 2

Starting Week 2
(Wednesday 2–3pm or 3–4pm)

1. Bible Out Loud: Reading & Storytelling
Learn how to learn Bible stories in a way that you can tell them in all sorts of contexts. This is super hands-on, practical training thats also great fun to do together.
Led by Nicola, running Weeks 2–5 with a chance to record a passage or story for radio on Rhema FM!

2. Faith Stories: Sharing Your Testimony
“I grew up in a Christian family . . .” Why do so many of our stories start like that and then sound so similar? In this course you’ll reflect on God’s powerful work in your life and how that can be shared in a way that connects and intrigues others, as it should!
Led by Rhys, running Weeks 2–5with a chance to record your story for radio on Rhema FM!

3. Join the Dots to Jesus: Biblical Theology Themes
From priests to gardens, sabbaths to temples, even baptism, the Bible hyperlinks itself everywhere in really significant ways. Join us as we connect the dots to Jesus!
Led by Nick & Tim, running Weeks 2–9.

Starting Week 6
(Wednesday 2–3pm or 3–4pm)
4. The Art of Conversations
It sounds simple, but many of us struggle to chat deeply with one another. This course gets you thinking and learning how to grow, encourage and sharpen one another by talking and listening well. Sign up to have a good chat!
Led by Bec, running Weeks 6–9.

5. Gospel and Contextualisation
Basically, this course looks at what is fixed about the great news of Jesus, and what can change to make sense to different audiences.
Led by Dave, running Weeks 6–9.

Engage Groups, Training Hour and Bible Talks Visual Schedule (Sem 2, 2022)