NCS loves to see people hearing about Jesus for the first time and putting their trust in him. We spend time reaching out to people on campus, as well as partnering with people around the globe who are working to grow God’s kingdom.

On campus

Walk-up evangelism is just chatting to people about Jesus. While it can be scary to talk to strangers, it’s always rewarding, both in seeing the fruit of the gospel, and in growing in your own confidence to know and share Jesus.

Each year we run a big mission, where we invite every student on campus to investigate the claims of the Bible. We run food events, do walk-up, put on talks, and have conversations with friends and strangers.

If you or a friend want to know more about Christianity or join with us in mission, get in contact with our evangelism team leader, we would love to help you find out who Jesus is and what he came to do.

In the world

NCS partners with missionaries who are reaching out to the world with the gospel.

Phil and Guinevere Swan with Wycliffe in West Papua

Phil and Guin, with Soren, Reuben and Autumn, are working in Indonesia. They are working with local teams translating the Bible into Papuan Malay and Kemtuik.

Sign up for their newsletter by emailing them (p-g_swan@wycliffe.org.au) and requesting monthly and/or biannual updates.

Dene and Rachel Hughes with CMS in Japan

Dene is involved in student ministry with KGK, the Christian student group in Japan. It is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), along with NCS. Dene and Rachel and their two boys, Eliott and Simeon, attend Mukonoso Megumi Church, where they seek opportunities to share the hope of Christ in their neighbourhood.

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