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NCS Engage Groups

The aim of Engage Groups is to encourage NCS students to engage in three key areas – Prayer, Growth & Reaching out.

The reason for this is that we believe that God is at work growing his church and this is achieved according to his will (PRAY), as we submit to his Word and live a godly life (GROW), and share the message of Jesus with others (REACH).

It is our prayer that God would grow you to know him better during your time at uni and that he would give you opportunities to help others to know him better too, as you engage with Him by prayerfully studying his Word and reaching out to those on campus.

Semester 1 Engage Group Timetable:

Engage Groups are organised by Faculty but they are only a guide. You are welcome to join any group that suits your timetable! You can contact the leader of the Engage Group (details below) or sign up and someone will be in touch with you soon!

Health Mixed (2pm @ Bar on the Hill)
Contact: Martin 0448 005 427 or Grace 0434 397 377

Health Girls (2pm @ Bar on the Hill)
Contact: Lizzy 0491 115 312

Medicine (6:30pm @ Leader’s house)
Contact: Nick 0403 535 066

Arts (11am @ Bar on the Hill)
Contact: Sam J. 0423 689 761

Engineering/Science (11am @ Brennan Room)
Contact: David 0487 152 382 or Jordan 0466 954 789

Speech Pathology (2pm @ outside Shortland Hub)
Contact: Sophie 0412 531 886

Mixed Faculty (2pm @ Brennan Room)
Contact: Jake 0466 098 522

Engineering/Science (10am @ outside Shortland Hub)
Contact: Tom 0459 916 301

Engineering/Science (10am @ Brennan Room)
Contact: Sam F. 0431 187 420

Education (11am @ Brennan Room)
Contact: Martyn 0432 523 505 or Bri 0435 277 409

City Campus (10am @ New Space Café)
Contact: Jake 0466 098 522 or Nicola 0408 717 642