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Today we’ll read a passage from the Bible, hear it explained, someone will pray for us, and you’ll hear a bit more about how to get involved.

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Passage: Leviticus 8–10
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You Need a Priest

Talk Outline

Rituals and rites

Background: Israel at Mt Sinai

  • Sacred Space

  1. Setting aside priests to enter sacred space (Lev 8) 
    a. The particular role of the priests

    b.The ordination ceremony
    i. Washing
    ii. Dressing
    iii. Annointing
    iv. Sacrificing
    v. Ordination offering

    c. “As the Lord commanded”

2. First day/s at work (Lev 9)
a. The preparation for the priests and peoples sacrifices (v1-7)

b. The priests’ offering the prepared sacrifices “as the Lord Commanded” (v8-21)

c. The High Priest Aaron, with Moses, blessing the people (v22-24)

3.  A really bad first day
a. Consuming Fire -> Nadab and Abihu

b. Making their own way

We need a priest

Talk Outline

My Summary:

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